100 Lancaster Crescent (Ch.2)

For those of you in the know,  Burkville is located on Sea Island, directly adjacent to Vancouver’s airport. The houses there had been PMQs ( military housing) in the second world war and that was where I spent my first twelve years at 100 Lancaster Crescent which later became 1000 Lancaster Crescent.

I guess they figured they needed more numbers at some point.       

Things went relatively well for the first few years.

Burkville was a pretty great place for kids to grow up, with one main road, no stop lights and a corner store within a bike’s ride away where all matter of penny candy and chocolate bars was available. We used to collect pop bottles from the neighbors and we would tell them it was for school or for some sports team, but of course they probably knew we would spend it on candy for ourselves. You didn’t have the competition they have today for that kind of thing. There wasn’t a bunch of mean old homeless guys who get up at four o’clock in the morning and steal all the local pop and beer bottles, and fiercely protect their individual territories, because they’re forced to supplement their income (whether that be social assistance or a crappy paying job).

Ok, I was talking about candy, not homelessness.

I should preface this next part in saying that my parents were probably more concerned about putting any kind of food on the table, let alone things that were necessarily healthy.  After all they were basically children themselves. I don’t think people were as concerned about eating healthy and fitness as they are today, (and it’s a good thing they are and fitness is very important to me, but we’ll get more into that later) but that might’ve just been them and as I’ve already mentioned they were very young.

Anyhow, I apologize for the divergence but I was trying say it was pretty much free reign on candy when we were growing up. At least that’s how I remember it.

One of my favorites were Wigwag candy which were a soft caramel covered in chocolate shaped like a long rectangular pretzel.

Another favorite was a Neilson bar that had 8 small squares and 4 different flavours and it was called appropriately enough ‘Four Flavors’.

Mmmmmm I wish that one was still around.

I also loved Lick m Dip (Lick m aid?) that had the gross chalky stick that you would lick and then dip in the sweet color powdered sugar type substance and then lick again and so on. Disgusting!

Ok, I just looked it up (isnt google wonderful?) According to oldtimecandy.com it’s Lik-M-Aid (Fun Dip) and I quote:

“Fun Dip is a candy manufactured by The Willy Wonka Candy Company which is a brand owned by Nestlé. The candy has been on the market since the 1940s and was originally called Lik-M-Aid which did not come with a dipping stick. It was originally manufactured by Sunline, Inc, through their Sunmark Brands division, which was purchased by Nestlé in 1989. The candy was then renamed Fun Dip and added to the Willy Wonka product line.”

I feel enlightened. You?

I should mention that almost anything powdered and sweet can be a Lick m Dip. One popular item was the fake Tang my parents used to buy. All you needed was an open pouch, a spare finger, a little privacy and you were good to go!

My most embarrassing and probably dangerous foray into illicit Lick m Dip was the night I was babysitting the neighbor’s three young children. I had eventually, after much drama, managed to put all three to bed and had decided to reward myself with a little private Lick m Dipping that involved lemon flavoured powder Neon Citron.

I drifted nicely off to sleep….

Look, I don’t know why Raquel didn’t have keys to her own door, and I had at least locked the door, before beginning my sweet orgy, and at least her boyfriend (and date) lived in the neighbouring duplex that shared an attic and he did have keys to his house. Ryan was able to climb through, wake me and saved the day. I don’t remember ever having lick m dip after that, but it probably wasn’t my last time.

I was only eleven, after all.

Did I deadbolt it? Is that why they were locked out?


  1. OHi Sanne
    That’s hilarious about the ‘lik-M-fun stick.’ I remember them well. Not a big hit in our household, but they appeared occasionally. I can’t believe you actually licked a whole bag of neo citron, a fairly strong cold remedy …Along with the sugar there’s a large dose of decongestant, antihistamine and analgesic . At 11 yr old, you’re lucky you just went to sleep and didn’t have more serious side effects. Wow, it’s amazing you remembered it.
    Keep on writing. I love it.
    Love Bridget

    • Sanné Lambert

      January 8, 2018 at 11:19 am

      Thanks so much for the comment. Yes, I bet there wasn’t much of that in your household as you were actually watching what your children ate, but it does make for fun reading.
      sl 🙂

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