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It Takes a Commitment to be Committed (Ch. 14)

The Precursors (of my mother’s Mental Illness)

My father’s oldest brother was named M.B. Lambert  but we knew him as ‘Wowie’ growing up. I thought this was because I couldn’t pronounce his name, but actually, it turns out that it was because my father couldn’t pronounce his name as a toddler and ‘Wowie’ stuck into adulthood.

Wowie was a volcanologist with the Canadian Geographical Survey. He wrote a book simply called ‘Volcanoes’ that had a pride of place in our house.

Mental Illness

I don’t know if my dad still has a copy, but I do as I discovered one at a garage sale years later, much to my surprised delight.

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Does Anyone Else Here Remember Cora Brown? (Ch. 13)

Back in Burkville,

my mother and L.B. picketed to try to stop the second runway being built in ‘Core O’Brown’, an area adjacent to the Fraser River close to MacDonald Beach. They brought T and me with them and we were on TV. The picket signs were that day’s craft project. We each had our own. Continue reading

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