The Silver and Glassware Rattled in the Cabinet While the Jet Set Flew Overhead

Just to put things in perspective I should explain that the Airport was basically at the end of our road.

Lancaster Crescent ran three blocks long and at the far end there was a big field across Airport Road and that’s where the first runway lay.

This was Vancouver International Airport at the time, but now we know it as the South Terminal and it’s essentially a municipal airport.

Anyway, we grew up under a flight path and we were used to the sound of planes interrupting play and conversations and the silver and glassware rattling in the cabinets as the planes flew over. They were basically almost landing on our house. That’s how close they were.

After a while, we became quite used to it and didn’t hear this at all.

Friends who visited from other areas were always fascinated by the sounds and sights and by our laissez-faire attitudes.

Your family probably spent their Sunday afternoons with a picnic lunch watching the planes land out at the end of Lancaster Crescent.

We thought you were crazy.

Recently I had to do an errand in Richmond. I was driving around and surprised to see the airplanes appear to be flying so low to the ground it looked like they were almost crash right into it.

It’s interesting what you can get used to.

Commercial air travel was at its height, the Jet Set age was on and was considered luxurious, exotic and apparently fascinating.

Glamorous is the word.

We’re talking glamorous here.

There was a fly or fly not class divide and those who couldn’t afford it justified it by stating they wouldn’t want to anyway as it was harmful to the environment.

Those who could afford to fly were generally treated like royalty with free meals, drinks (and I mean booze here, people) free checked baggage and all matter of other treats and services that left those traveling in the regular seats wondering what first class must be like.

Complimentary lap dances during cocktail hour?

One thing I definitely don’t miss is the free-for-all on cigarette smoking even though at the time I experienced it, I was a smoker.

But if you think back to it, it was DISgusting!

Apparently, there were smoking and nonsmoking sections of the plane.

Hahahaha HAH!

The glamour and tribulations of air travel didn’t affect our family that much except from the perspective of being on the ground while others traveled overhead and having our glassware and silverware rattling as aforementioned.

After all poor people didn’t travel.