Is Mental Illness (like ADHD) The New Trending Hobby?

Yesterday three lovely young women came into the shop later on in the afternoon.

I was on the floor by myself as it was a holiday. I got to talking to all three really. One girl told me that she had Facebooked us re the holiday hours and I was like ‘ Yeah I saw that’. It was Devon who had answered. Another told me that she had bought her grad gown back from us back in the late nineties when we were having 15 minutes of fame and selling about a million handmade grad gowns a year resplendent with all the accouterment and alterations included.

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Past Lives, Buddhist Philosophy, Mental Health Prophylactics and Ducaneses

My parents taught me to say, ‘I want to be a nuclear physicist’ when people would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up.

What exactly is that? Does it still even exist? It doesn’t sound very artistic and I definitely am. It does sound impressive though, which I guess was the whole point.


Do you believe in past lives? And if so, can we remember them? I believe I can.

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An Unattached Wall with Black Mould & To Nelson in the flat deck of a truck

An Unattached Wall with Black Mould

Last night I dreamed that two of my teeth fell out. That’s supposed to be a metaphor for something, I think. In my case, I think it just means I’m afraid that my teeth will fall out. A lot of people must feel this way, but it’s somewhat justified in my case as I have pretty active periodontal issues. My dentist called it “extreme periodontal breakdown” in his first diagnosis, though it is much improved since that initial dismal prophecy, thanks to my amazing hygienist, Sherlyn, and also to my devotion to all thing floss, mouthwash, oral b, proxy brush and that little red brush that I use to reach behind that I don’t know the name of.

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What is Time?

What is Time?

Sometimes I wonder whether time is even linear at all. It doesn’t seem like we experience it that way. There’s now and there’s before and there’s an expected tomorrow, but where in all that is reality? What is real time? I think reality is how one experiences it. The personal original thought.

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100 Lancaster Crescent

For those of you in the know,  Burkville is located on Sea Island, directly adjacent to Vancouver’s airport. The houses there had been PMQs ( military housing) in the second world war and that was where I spent my first twelve years at 100 Lancaster Crescent which later became 1000 Lancaster Crescent.

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The Eagle Has Landed!


I believe that some people can be helped by drugs and others just want to take a pill and be better. They’re not proactive about their health. Others yet, make a career out of being crazy.

That was my mother.

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